How I can know whether Cities on Air is for me?

If you are a municipality that wants to know the air pollution particles without the need to install additional sensors , Cities on Air is for you.


How does Cities on Air work?

We use surface level pollution data from the European Space Agency. On this data, we use an artificial intelligence algorithm that allows us to know the air pollution in each zip code, without the need for sensors. Not only are we capable of knowing the contamination that exists today, but we are also capable of predicting it 4 days in advance.

How accurate are the measurements of Cities on Air?


Right now we are in the exploration phase . We know that measurements in places without heavy traffic are equivalent to a high-quality sensor . We are improving our algorithm to be more accurate in city centers. Contact us to do a specific study of your municipality.

How does tracking Cities on Air pollution currently I have?


Cities on Air offers you the possibility of visualizing the pollution of today and tomorrow on an interactive map . Whether you have pollution sensors or not, Cities on Air shows you each of the polluting particles in each zip code. This interactive map allows you to make air quality improvement plans .

I'm interested, but I would like to offer this solution to citizens so that they can consult the pollution through an interactive map,  Is that possible?


Of course. If your municipality has the Cities on Air solution, you can choose between being a private map or a public map so that citizens can consult the information. From Cities on Air we can help you throughout the process, contact us for more information.

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